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Month: February 2021

Now What?

We exit the courtroom, and hang back as my now-ex spouse walks ahead. My attorney turns to me, heavy files in her hands, “You’re officially divorced,” as she passes me the dozen or so pages the judge had just signed. I ask, “now what?” I look down at the first page of...

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You Can’t Shock Me.

Next to bartenders and therapists, family law attorneys hear the most intimate details of a person’s life. We’ve heard it all. So, you can’t shock me. Tell me what is going on, don’t spare the details. I need to know. I take the panicked calls from clients who...

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Mooting a Master

Sitting on the other side of bench is an eye opening experience. As attorneys we are focused on the representation of our clients and preparing arguments to present to the Court. It is not often, if ever, we prepare to hear arguments, to sit as a judge. But, that is...

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Un sueño americano

El 29 de septiembre de 1966, sus abuelos abordaron un vuelo de Habana, Cuba a Miami, Florida y nunca miraron atrás. Su búsqueda --- el sueño americano. Los sueños de democracia, libertad y éxito de sus tres hijos pequeños alimentaron su voluntad de dejar atrás todo lo...

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An American Dream

On September 29, 1966, her grandparents boarded a flight from Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida and never looked back. Their pursuit --- the American Dream. The dreams of a democracy, freedom, and success for their young three children fueled their willingness to leave...

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