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Month: August 2018

Flexibility is Key to Control

There is a common misconception that Court is a strict, no-nonsense process that is etched in stone. It might shock you to find out that Court is really an unpredictable environment that requires quick-on-your-feet thinking and flexibility.Let me set the scene for...

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No Worries

I recently watched an interesting spy movie called "Bridge of Spies." Tom Hanks plays an attorney who represents an old man accused of being a Soviet spy during the Cold War era. The most memorable of the scenes depicts the attorney meeting the accused spy for the...

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Diabolical Dabbling

I guess you could argue that we are to blame. We made International Family Law cool.I must admit that our arguing and winning a United States Supreme Court case, 9-0 attracted a lot of attention, all of it overwhelmingly positive. It is certainly true that our...

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