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Month: October 2015

Sisterhood By Way of Adoption

Tonight's post about International Adoptions adoptions was written by our Marietta and Atlanta divorce attorney, Megan McClinton.So, I'm taking a break from my usual nerdy family law musings about divorce and such to tell a happy story.I was fifteen years old when my...

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“I don’t do family law.”

Tonight's post about a shocking revelation was written by our Savannah family law attorney, Professor David Purvis.I was reading a transcript for one of the appellate cases we were retained on and came across this quote: "I don't do family law." The statement was made...

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Family Law: The Adults in the Room

Last night I did some serious complaining about hateful people, identifying a significant problem that we have in family law.  Tonight, I'd like to follow the sage advice of advocating for a solution to the problem.When patients go to the doctor with their...

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Family Law: Hateful People

As the saying goes, "it takes all kinds." There are happy people in family law. There are nonplussed people in family law. There are nonchalant people in family law. And yes, there are hateful people in family law.You would expect a fair portion of the parties to be...

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