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Month: April 2015

Divorce: Annulments are Rare

Tonight's post on Annulments was written by one of our Lawrenceville divorce attorneys, Jennifer McCall.We often have clients ask if they can be granted an annulment. In Georgia, annulments are rare.Proving that you meet the legal grounds for having a marriage...

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Witnesses in Family Law

Two people occupy space in a house. They speak to each other as infrequently as possible. If they exchange glances, it is with smoldering stares that could melt lead. Their days as a couple are numbered, though neither has admitted it to themselves and certainly not...

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Contempt: “But I Can’t Pay!”

When an order is entered by the Court, the parties to the action are required to comply with its terms. Failure to comply with a Court Order will result in a Motion for Contempt filed against you. If the court finds that your disobedience of the Order is willful, you...

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Huge News in Divorce Law, TMF Style

I have been suggesting that there was big news on same-sex divorce to come for some time now.  On Friday, the Judge filed the Order creating our big news and I'm here to tell about it!Transgender marriage has been recognized in Georgia.Yes, you read that right,...

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Reputation in Family Law

Tonight's post about a downside of being a public figure in family law was written by our Savannah Family Law Attorney, David Purvis.I received my first bad online review recently. After practicing for many years now, it was bound to happen. There are few businesses...

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