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David Purvis


I was recently talking with a friend in another state who had to hire a bankruptcy attorney. Being a lawyer himself, he started with a former classmate of his from 21 years ago. After meeting with her, he did some independent research of his own and discovered that...

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Tom v. Gisele

It was recently announced that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were proceeding with a divorce. This wasn’t terribly surprising as the gossip columns had been talking about their marital problems for several months. Mr. Brady initially retired from professional football...

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On Bulldogs

No, not those Dawgs. Though wasn’t that a lot of fun? I haven’t been prouder of someone I don’t know than I was of how Stetson Bennett rallied and led his team after that “fumble.” What a storybook finish to his college career. What a difference in game plan and...

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The Greatest Gift to Your Child

One of the hardest parts of childhood has to be that first time away from home at an overnight summer camp. For many children, it’s the longest time they have ever been away from their parents at one time, or maybe ever. It is one of those instances of childhood of...

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Resolve to be Better Co-Parents in 2021

If you're in a co-parenting situation and you've survived 2020 with no issues, congratulations! The world has been hard enough this year without drama from your ex. Regardless of how your relationship with your ex/co-parent has been, regardless of why you separated or...

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Back to the Dugout

"OUT!""Whoa! What are you talking about? He was safe by a mile! The guy didn't even tag him! What's this guy's deal?" Jimmy buried his head. He laid there on the ground. He had done his best, he even got his uniform dirty. He felt the kid's glove touch him seconds...

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