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A First Christmas

Her eight-year old daughter still believes in Santa. And for the past seven years, it's worked out well that the little girl travels to a winter wonderland each Christmas. Her father's house in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada have snow-covered roof, twinkling lights,...

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The New Night Time Routine

The New Night Time Routine Co-parenting with your ex is difficult. Co-parenting long distance, even more so. The biggest complaint I hear from the out-of-town parent is the lack of regular contact with their child. It is the hardest adjustment for both parent and...

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King Solomon and COVID19

Many of you are familiar with the Old Testament story of King Solomon. Two women were claiming to be the mother of the same child. King Solomon was called to decide the issue. He announced that he would cut the baby in half and each woman would receive one-half. The...

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On Time

I was at the birthday party of a young child in my family yesterday. The little guy turned two years old. Over and over throughout the day you heard the refrain "Can you believe it's been two years already?!?" That refrain will be heard annually on his birthdays and...

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