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Month: October 2013

How Attorneys Are Affordable

In many cases, hiring an attorney can pay for itself, making us extremely affordable.  I'll give you an example.A couple of months ago, a client came to me to talk about a contempt action his ex-wife had filed against him.  She was seeking $8,000.00 in...

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Uncontested Divorce

Tonight's post on Uncontested Divorce is written by one of our Lawrenceville attorney's Wesley Wilson.The other day I saw a billboard just advertising an attorney's fees for an "uncontested divorce" and it got me thinking, do people really know what an uncontested...

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Divorce, a battle of wills

What happens when staying in the marriage has become a grudge match between the parties?  What happens when all that is left between the couple is their battle of wills, to see who will cry uncle first? What happens when divorce is not an option because divorce...

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Happiness in Family Law

Tonight's post is written by the attorney heading up our Savannah office, David Purvis.For many people, going through a divorce or custody battle represents one of the unhappiest parts of their lives. Unfortunately, many family law attorneys do little to alter that by...

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Do It Yourself Family Law.

Tonight's post, "Do it yourself Family Law," is written by our Lawrenceville attorney, Wesley Wilson.At The Manely Firm, we provide every potential client with a free 30 minute consultation. These consultations are an opportunity for us to hear your issues, answer...

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