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New Digs, Same Shovel

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Savannah

We recently relocated offices in Savannah. Gone is the old ballroom on Broughton. We are now located at 427 E. York Street, occupying the first floor of a federal-style home. The new space is much better suited for our professional needs and our clients and potential clients will find that parking is much easier to come by, particularly on a Friday during peak tourist seasons! We are still in historic downtown Savannah and still within walking distance of the courthouse, but much more convenient for our clients on the islands or coming in off the Truman Parkway.

As our practice here in Savannah continues to grow, it became readily apparent we needed a much better space to fill those needs. Beyond the office layout itself, we have better technology resources at the new space, including better infrastructure to support our video conferencing needs which have continued to become more global every year.

What has not changed and what has largely prompted the growth that required the need to change spaces is our approach to family law. As opposed to a revenue generation focus that leads many practitioners to muddy the waters to increase the amount of time spent (and thus billed) on a case, we realize that long after the lawyers and judge is out of the picture, the family still continues on. I can think of little worse than a lawyer who, focused on billing, creates a situation so toxic that the former spouses cannot operate effectively as co-parents. Ours is an approach that “feels right” to everyone involved, an approach that resonates with litigants and judges alike. It’s hard to deny the reasonable, responsible approach.

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to the old ballroom. Over the past three years we have built this practice in that space. Some great victories were celebrated there and some truly memorable moments occurred there. Some mornings, my car still wants to take me there! So as we close out Year #4 in Savannah we open Year #5 in new space but with the same approach to the practice of family law that brought us here.

Y’all come see us in our new digs!

David Purvis