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Savannah – Firmly Entrenched

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2014 | Savannah

Last Thursday we were officially and quite warmly welcomed into the Savannah business community.  The Savannah Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for us Thursday evening, attended by some 100 of our closest friends, allies and acquaintances.  

Captains of industry, political pillars of the community, fellow masters of law, movers and shakers of media, and clients galore brought us into their fold, making us feel quite at home as we move forward to bring our different way of doing family law to the Coastal Empire.

We were enchanted by music from members of the Savannah Philharmonic and well fed by Circa 1875, all neighbors with us on Broughton in our building over Paris Market.  As our own David Purvis expressed, it truly was a block party.

We have been in Savannah for coming on two years now.  And in that time we have been able to make inroads in changing how family law is practiced: kinder and gentler out of the court room and with more professional determination and efficiency in the courtroom.  The very next day after our ribbon cutting, David Purvis slayed another fire breathing dragon (of the divorce-and-child-custody- battle breed) and brought yet another child home in one of the most efficient, expedient and to-the-point trials I think the Hostess City may have ever seen.

So we’ve been around for awhile.  But now our Firm is firmly entrenched, steeped Savannah’s community, and so very happy to be so.

Thank you, Savannah. Look for us when you need someone to help bridge that gap between families and what is just.