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Oh The Things We Do. Savannah!

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2014 | Savannah

One of the advantages of having such a large Family Law firm spread out across the State of Georgia is the neat stuff in which we are involved.  Today’s installment takes us to Savannah!

Just yesterday, the Savannah Voice Festival finished off its two week series with its last hurrah which it held at our office!  That’s right, in the quintessential, georgeous space that is our Savannah office, some of the greatest voice talent gathered to fill that ballroom with their captivating last performance.

Divas and divos abounded as the vibrato tremulated throughout the great hall. The great Stag himself swooned as the soprano’s aria ascended to the heavens. The evening news, always keen for a grand time, carried their story.

We have very innovative, exciting and invested people working at The Firm. They bring their many and varied talents to bear, not just for the families we serve but also for the communities in which they live, work and play. Savannah yesterday, Canton tomorrow, Lawrenceville next weekend, Marietta in September and Atlanta in October.  There is almost always something quite exciting going on in and around one of our offices and you will often find one of our people right in the middle of it. 

Thank you David Purvis for putting it all together.  And we are so thankful that the Savannah Voice Festival asked to come into our space for their finale. They trully graced us with their presence, their ambience and their voices.


Thank you.

Michael Manely