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Jess Lill

There’s a Monster In My Office!

It isn’t terribly often I have two individuals consulting in my office at the same time, about the same divorce... In fact, it only occurs when there has been someone more invested in the marriage than the actual spouse seeking the divorce. Once in awhile, that is the...

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Trapped by Choices

He felt ... trapped. And more importantly, he felt tremendously guilty for feeling trapped. Worst still, it was his own doing. Five years ago, he agreed with his wife on a co-parenting arraignment that was thought to be best for their 11 year old son. He could...

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Still Her Baby

The miracle of science brought forth the most cherished blessing of her life: a child. Early in her marriage a doctor sat her down and explained that while a full term pregnancy wasn’t “impossible,” it was medically implausible and risky. Stumped and staggered, having...

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Now What?

We exit the courtroom, and hang back as my now-ex spouse walks ahead. My attorney turns to me, heavy files in her hands, “You’re officially divorced,” as she passes me the dozen or so pages the judge had just signed. I ask, “now what?” I look down at the first page of...

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You Can’t Shock Me.

Next to bartenders and therapists, family law attorneys hear the most intimate details of a person’s life. We’ve heard it all. So, you can’t shock me. Tell me what is going on, don’t spare the details. I need to know. I take the panicked calls from clients who...

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A First Christmas

Her eight-year old daughter still believes in Santa. And for the past seven years, it's worked out well that the little girl travels to a winter wonderland each Christmas. Her father's house in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada have snow-covered roof, twinkling lights,...

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