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New Year, New Life

The new year brings with it a time of reflection and making resolutions for the new year.  You may have considered divorce prior to the holidays but wanted your kids to have one last holiday season together as a singular family unit.  You may have hoped that the magic or the Christmas lights and spirit of thanksgiving would bring you and your spouse closer together.

Although the holidays create an opportunity to spend time together as a family, the additional time together may have shown you that your marriage is no longer serving you.  Maybe the financial strain has reached its limit and you realized you don’t want to continue the debt spiral your spouse’s spending is causing.  Perhaps your in laws are ruling your household and your spouse can’t put their foot down.  Whatever the reason may be that you are reevaluating your marriage, this holiday season may have shown you that you do not want to continue another year with your spouse.

As you reflect on your marriage and the new year ahead, you have the opportunity to create the life you want. If an unhealthy marriage is holding you back from where you want to be this may be the time to consider whether divorce is right for you.

If you do think this year is the right time to dissolve your marriage, then there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for this life change. First, determine your financial situation. You will need to know what your current expenses are and start to think about how you will support yourself if your spouse blocks your access to credit cards or bank accounts.

Second, consider how you will fund your divorce. Some individuals use their savings, credit cards or take out loans to fund their divorce. Others are able to depend on family and friends for their financial support.

Third, assess your support system. Divorce is emotionally taxing.  Support yourself through this transition with family, friends, support groups and a therapist.

If these past holidays have stiffened your resolve; if it is time to set your path toward a better life, we’re here for you.

Cara Schlosser