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Cara Schlosser

Roe Overturned

She is scared and alone at her doctor’s office, waiting for her first ultrasound.  She already has three children, and she knows she cannot afford to care for another.  She used contraceptives but she knows that they are not 100% effective.  She took a pregnancy test...

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Who files first?

When you are ready to proceed with a divorce, the first question to consider is which of you s going to file.  There are strategic advantages to being the first to file. First, you get to determine where the divorce will take place.  As the plaintiff, if there is any...

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New Year, New Life

The new year brings with it a time of reflection and making resolutions for the new year.  You may have considered divorce prior to the holidays but wanted your kids to have one last holiday season together as a singular family unit.  You may have hoped that the magic...

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