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William King

Free Britney

For over a decade #FreeBritney has permeated our social media outlets, televisions, and airwaves. This movement calling for the freedom of Britney Spears resulted from the unexpected news that she was placed under a conservatorship with her formerly estranged father...

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Mooting a Master

Sitting on the other side of bench is an eye opening experience. As attorneys we are focused on the representation of our clients and preparing arguments to present to the Court. It is not often, if ever, we prepare to hear arguments, to sit as a judge. But, that is...

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Divorce Mills

Watch out! You could become a number.Unfortunately, there are a number of law firms out there that will only look at you as a number. They sell hard to get you through the door. Then, once they have you, they just run you through the mill; they churn your case. They...

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Under Pressure

With the return of sports looming on the horizon, many are getting geared back up for what seems to be a frantic end to the year for professional sports. The NBA and NHL are trying to creatively figure out how to salvage post seasons. The MLS and MLB are trying to...

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A New Year; A New You

Happy New Years. Welcome to 2019 and the new you. Often you hear the phrase "New Year, New You." This notion is meant to inspire change and improvement in the new year, to start fresh. The new year can be just that for unwed fathers. Make 2019 the year you change and...

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