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You Can’t Shock Me.

| Feb 15, 2021 | Divorce

Next to bartenders and therapists, family law attorneys hear the most intimate details of a person’s life. We’ve heard it all.

So, you can’t shock me. Tell me what is going on, don’t spare the details. I need to know.

I take the panicked calls from clients who received a security camera notification confirming his suspicions: his wife brought home her lover while the kids napped upstairs.

I review bank statements and calculate the hundreds of dollars spent each week on alcohol while he attends AA and preaches sobriety.

I know when your ex hasn’t filed their taxes in years.

I don’t blink when I’m told that an open sexual relationship had been the hallmark of their marriage for years.

I have the medical records from a routine check up that resulted in a diagnosis and a prescription to treat an STD.

I listen to how depression and anxiety escalated in a suicide attempt, which luckily led him to seek psychiatric help.

I break the news about recent out-of-state child support orders confirming her husband had a child by another woman during their marriage.

I investigate the emails of people masquerading as social worker threatening to investigate child abuse.

I see it all: the text messages, the arrest records, the social media posts. So, when you consult with a family attorney don’t hold back on the scary, unique, wild or embarrassing details. I need to know. I won’t judge. You can’t shock me.

But I can help you.

Jess Lill


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