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Reduced-Stress Divorce Recipe for Beginners

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Divorce

Georgia Divorce Salad

Health-conscious, salad lovers, this delectable Georgia divorce salad is just the right type of salad for you. The savory, reduced-stress ingredients in this salad will please some of the most hyper-sensitive palates. Vary the dish, if you like, by adding a bit more negotiations, mediation, or Guardian ad Litem.

1 tablespoon of Complaint for Divorce

1 tablespoon of Answer & Counterclaim for Divorce

4 teaspoons of Negotiations

3 cups of Mediation

8 cups of Discovery

1 teaspoon of minor child (required only if you have one available; may lengthen the preparation time for this salad)

1 cup of Guardian ad Litem (only if minor child is added to this salad)

1 cup of Temporary Hearing

1 dried Final Hearing

1. In a large bowl, combine the Complaint for Divorce and Answer & Counterclaim for Divorce. Whisk until smooth. Add minor child(ren) (required only if you have one available at home). Be aware that the addition of minor child(ren) to this salad may complicate things and substantially lengthen the preparation time. If you do add minor child(ren), you should definitely consult with a professional. Also, if you do add minor child(ren), then don’t forget about the Guardian ad Litem (GAL). GAL is frequently added to this dish when minor child(ren) is added, and GAL helps determine the ultimate flavor that the minor child(ren) will add to this dish. There are different brands of GAL available, but GAL can be expensive, so use sparingly.

2. Add a generous amount Discovery and Negotiations. Remember, these ingredients, which are optional, play an important role in making this dish reduced-stress. For beginners, Discovery is a type of natural oil that enriches this dish with a distinct flavor that may be new-or obvious. Let’s not forget another important ingredient-Negotiations. Negotiations is a type of herb that may help you shorten the time necessary for preparing this dish. It helps break down the stress molecules in the other ingredients, and makes this dish healthier. Add a generous amount of Negotiations-even at step 1, if you like. This herb may help you understand and determine at an early step which ingredients-and how much of such ingredients-you need to add to successfully prepare this dish. Also, add a little bit of Mediation at this step. Do not feel forced to add or leave out Mediation. In other words, what you choose to do with Mediation is totally voluntary. Step 2 of preparation of this dish is very important. How you complete step 2 will determine whether step 3 is necessary for not. Step 3 adds stress to this salad, and substantially increases the costs for preparing this meal.

3. Try to avoid this step. The downside of this step is that adding Hearings may give this dish an unexpected flavor. In other words, this step introduces uncertainty to the ultimate flavor of this meal. However, if this step is necessary, it is highly recommended that you consult with a professional chef who has lots of experience in preparing this dish. Remember, since this salad is unique to Georgia, you should work only with a Georgia chef who has a lot of experience in preparing this dish.

Makes 2 servings, or 3 if you happen to have a minor child at home.

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