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Divorce: Miracle on Pryor Street

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Divorce

Perhaps Christmas snowflakes were falling on Pryor Street because a very interesting and unusual thing happened in Fulton County Superior Court when I came to a status conference with a client to finalize a divorce.

The parties were manied for twenty-five years and had a number of assets, which they were able to agree to split equitably. They have a daughter who is finishing high school and who was on board with their divorce.

When my client and I walked into the courtroom, he noticed his wife, approached her, greeted her warmly, and gave her a hug. I was surprised as most people don’t even want to talk to their spouses in comi during the divorce process.

Throughout the status conference both parties were incredibly nice to each other and talked to the judge about their daughter, her college plans, etc. You would never guess that they were in the process of divorce, that’s how pleasant and civil they were to each other. After we were done with the statutory questions and the judge finalized their divorce, they both cried. Even the judge was shocked at that point and asked them if they really wanted a divorce. The wife responded: “We really tried, but it is not meant to be.”

After the hearing, they went to the court’s cafeteria to get a quick bite to eat and to catch up.

The whole thing felt like a parallel universe. No offensive comments, no bickering, no hatred. I guess I should have not have been that surprised considering that about six percent of American couples marry, divorce, and then re-many each other.

I am not sure whether or not this particular couple would ever re-many, but it was wonderful to see the respect that couple had for each other before, during, and after the divorce. Another world is possible! I’ve seen it first hand.

Men-y Christmas to you and your family! May love and respect for each other be part of your life everyday! Even if your maniage is not meant to be.

Dina Khismatulina