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Under Pressure

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Trial Practice

With the return of sports looming on the horizon, many are getting geared back up for what seems to be a frantic end to the year for professional sports. The NBA and NHL are trying to creatively figure out how to salvage post seasons. The MLS and MLB are trying to figure out how to begin their seasons. And many are hoping and praying that football goes off without a hitch. Personally, I am very much looking forward to watching golf on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

As live sports begin to fill the airwaves, we will once again order our wings, make that cheese dip, have a watch party, or go to a sports bar with the enthusiasm of a fan hoping for a victory. While we fans are excited to watch, professional athletes are undoubtedly excited to get back on the field, the pitch, the rink, or the court and play their hearts out. They are excited to feel that pressure. The pressure of the game, the pressure of going head-to-head for a victory, the pressure of all eyes on them. Athletes around the country prepare tirelessly to perfect their craft so they can go out and perform under pressure. And this is not exclusive to professional athletes. Kids of all ages (with the help of their parents) have late night practices, early morning games, and never ending mental preparation so they can face that pressure.

Athletes, from the day they lace up whatever athletic shoe is appropriate, learn to thrive under pressure. It is their bread and butter, it is what drives them, that, and the glory of victory. But really it is that pressure, that excitement, that really drives them.

So it is not surprising that many life-long athletes turn to other professions that call for performance under pressure. One of those callings is the life of an attorney. As an attorney and a former college baseball player, I can tell you that the pressure is there. The pressure to perform with all eyes on me is there. The pressure to perform in a high stress, high emotion, situation is there. And I am grateful for the eighteen years of sports that helped me understand and develop my abilities to perform under pressure.

An attorney is always under pressure to perform for their clients. To be able to make arguments in a room full of people with someone on the other side ready to tear apart any argument you come up with screams pressure. To be able to stare down an injustice is covered in pressure. To be able to represent your client in the face of adversity is pressure.

So, when you are looking for an attorney to fight for you, to fight for your rights, you need to look for someone who performs well under considerable pressure. You may just consider someone who has a lifetime of dealing with pressure. That person is more likely to be able to face down whatever adversity comes your way. You don’t want someone who wilts. You need someone who rises to the occasion. You needs someone who has a long record of standing tall.

Oh, and Go Braves, Go Atlanta United, and, I guess, Go Falcons (still hurting there)!

Bill King