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Judge David Purvis!

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Judges

You read that right! David Purvis, Savannah family law attorney extraordinaire, Professor of Family Law at the Savannah College of Law and long friend and trusted partner at The Manely Firm was sworn in today as a Judge!

David was sworn in as an ALJ, an Administrative Law Judge, in Atlanta today. His circuit will cover Southeast Georgia. I believe he begins hearing cases as soon as the first week in January.

Don’t worry y’all. David will still be practicing his artful magic in Family Law with The Manely Firm in Savannah. He will just be donning the black robe on Fridays. It shouldn’t conflict with any of our casework.

As his accolades and myriad titles proclaim, David is a well-respected member of the Savannah community and increasingly fondly known across all of Georgia. He is a button-down litigator with a slow, southern style. His fierce cross examination is matched only by his genuine kindness, humility and calling to serve.

Georgia did good today. We got a good judge in the esteemed Mr. Purvis.

Congratulations, David!

Michael Manely