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Transcending Boundaries

Though I grew up in an 800-population town, my goals have always been to see and experience the world. My undergraduate degree is a B.A. in International Relations and in law school, I received a certificate for an International Law concentration. I have always known that I wanted to litigate on an international platform. Practicing international law provides the opportunity to develop insights into the global legal system and its influence on both domestic and international policies. In a globalized society, it is no longer enough to appreciate only domestic law because new economic, political, and legal issues transcend traditional boundaries.

I have worked and lived in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I worked at the Law and Society Trust; a human rights non-profit organization that attempts to address Sri Lanka’s post-conflict needs in war-torn areas through transitional justice mechanisms. During Sri Lanka’s civil war, which lasted 26 years, the country suffered violent ethnic conflicts that resulted in massive human rights violations. The conflict destroyed social structures through extra-judicial killings, indiscriminate bombing of civilians, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detentions, and loss of property through displacement and confiscation without just compensation. The program provides quality and empowering holistic legal services to the marginalized and underrepresented who continue to be devastated by these violations.

At the Law and Society Trust, our role was to facilitate institutional reform, truth-seeking, and reparations. The civil war violence was marked by widespread sexual and gender-based violence. The state’s response during the crisis was limited and there remains an accountability gap for bringing the perpetrators to justice. The victims have been left to cope with the social and economic consequences that accommodate gender-based harm. My role was to provide these women with opportunities to participate in and influence peace-building processes by shaping and monitoring the transitional justice processes.

I performed extensive academic and legal research on gender-sensitive transitional justice mechanism using international jurisdictions. I authored and contributed to reports on Transitional Justice Through a Feminist Perspective; Women’s Rights in the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reform; Local Authorities Elections Act and Amendments; and Report on Amendments to Key Laws Relating to Land in Sri Lanka. In addition, I participated in women advocacy groups, attended legislative hearings, and provided summaries on constitutional amendments for women’s rights that were dispersed nationally.

With my previous experiences within human rights law, ongoing international legal education, and desire to affect change across borders, here at The Manely Firm, we are well established on effective litigation of family law in international jurisdictions. Our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge with unique legal experiences such as these. If you have an international divorce or child custody dispute, rest assured that our firm will be the firm that has the experience and legal knowledge necessary to bring success to your international case.

Suffice it to say, we are passionate about international family law.  We are passionate about what we do.