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Our New Atlanta Office!

by | Jun 5, 2021 | The Manely Firm

With over 30% of Georgia’s population already vaccinated, things are starting to slowly return back to normal, whatever “the new normal” means. I am truly excited to be able to see clients and potential clients in person after a long period of doing things almost exclusively via Zoom and other types of videoconferencing.  Considering that a significant number of our  clients are international and live all over the world, video conferencing will always be something we offer as an option to overcome the issue of time difference and difference in geographical location,  as well as it always be a safe option for our clients who have a compromised immune system or other health concerns, but I will never again take for granted the chance to see my clients face to face.

And now we get to meet our clients in Atlanta, again! The Manely Firm, P.C. just re-opened our Atlanta office for in-person visitors. Our new office is located at 75 14th Street on the 23rd floor in the office tower of the Four Seasons Hotel. Our new conference room is fully equipped with a huge screen and high-quality video cameras and microphones to allow us to continue Zoom conferences and Zoom court hearings. Also, the capacity of our new, spacious and open flow conference room will help our firm accommodate social distancing during in person meetings, depositions and mediations. Our Atlanta office has two large balconies that already came in handy for hosting social events. Additionally, our international clients appreciate the close distance between Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and our new Atlanta office to accommodate our clients who travel from foreign countries to see us or for the court hearings.

When the weather in Atlanta is rainy and cloudy, it almost feels like we are up in the mountains with white and grey clouds surrounding our office and with birds flying by the windows up on the 23d floor. The view from all our offices is spectacular thanks to the oversize windows throughout the whole office.   Our previous Atlanta office was on the fourth floor, just across the street from Fulton County Superior Court for many years, so we all are finally very happy to be back in the heart of Atlanta and welcome clients and our colleagues in our new office. Please come for consultation or drop by just to visit – we validate parking! We are looking forward to sharing our new, splendid Atlanta home with our clients, friends and colleagues!

Come see us and enjoy the view!

Dina Khismatulina