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Divorce Mills

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Divorce

Watch out! You could become a number.

Unfortunately, there are a number of law firms out there that will only look at you as a number. They sell hard to get you through the door. Then, once they have you, they just run you through the mill; they churn your case. They check off a couple boxes and do not focus on the specifics of your case. They do not see you as an individual. They do not see your case as meaningful, but one of many that are essentially the same, regardless of what’s going on or the urgency of your matter or the specific needs that you need addressed.

Many of us refer to these firms as divorce mills. They will hook you and reel you in, but leave you dangling on the pole. Watch out for these firms. They will not have your best interest at heart.

We attorneys are required to represent our clients with vigor and conviction. Beyond that, many of us in family law, to our core, want to help others and provide valuable services to those in desperate need of someone who cares and who will fight. Our firm recognizes that, and the attorneys in this firm are full of passion, drive, and fight. And, we are full of empathy. We care about our clients. You are not just a number, but a name, an individual, a heartbeat, a life that will need to flourish after walking out of our doors and starting anew.

Obviously I’m hot about a divorce mill right now. I’m angry at how they treated this case, their client and our client as collateral damage. I’m glad for the result (divorce mills aren’t interested in outcomes) but I’m still mad about their process.

When you are searching for a law firm to hire, be wary of a divorce mill. Watch out for signs that you may be walking into that trap. How many cases does that attorney handle at any given point? How will your case be handled? How will they focus on your case specifically? What is the game plan? These are all questions to be thinking about and ask as you hire an attorney.

Look for an attorney who will give you a game plan, who is prepared and understands what is going on in your case, who knows exactly what needs to be done. Because those divorce mills will put you in a box and give you cookie cutter answers looking for a cookie cutter ending. However, that is not often the answer. Sometimes it is more than necessary to think outside the cookie box, to be creative, or at the very least, flexible in trying to resolve a client’s matter.

Find someone who will be creative. Find someone who will be flexible. Find someone who will care. And find someone with empathy. That way you do not become a number, but remain the individual that you are with very specific needs in a very specific case. Don’t get ground down by their process. Do not fall victim to a divorce mill.

Bill King