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The Superlative Mr. Purvis

by | Feb 25, 2018 | Family Law

I just have to brag here for a moment. The 2018 Super Lawyers magazine just came out and our own David Purvis is recognized as a Super Lawyer in family law. Yes, that Mr. Purvis of Savannah fame. Yes, that Mr. Purvis who is the family law professor at the Savannah College of Law. Yes, that Mr. Purvis who is an Administrative Law Judge for Southeast Georgia. Yes, that Mr. Purvis who has been recognized as the most successful lawyer in Savannah at settling his clients’ divorce and family law disputes. Yes, that Mr. Purvis who heads up The Manely Firm’s operations for Savannah and all points near. Yes indeed, that Mr. Purvis.

You can fairly quickly realize why our esteemed Mr. Purvis has been recognized for his superlative qualities.

This fellow and his 6’5″ frame towers in the Court room which may be why his reserved tone thunders as he decimates witnesses in cross examination. This fellow who has a heart of gold and compassion longer than sunlight on a summer day. This fellow whose extremely keen intellect and instinct can read a case and strategize it to a successful conclusion better than pretty much every single lawyer I know.

It is not hyperbole to state that this fellow, our esteemed Mr. Purvis, is well on his way to being one of the pillars of the Savannah community. He is known for his grace, his tenacity, and his wisdom. In divorce and family law, Mr. Purvis cares for his clients, advises his clients and protects his clients every step of the way. His gentle hand has been felt in very successful resolutions in cases now too numerous to count. The clients and families he has protected and helped launch into their new lives are all the much better off from his firm and decisive touch. Even opposing counsels know him as a worthy adversary, a force to be reckoned with and also an honest broker of impeccable integrity.

Yes, that Mr. Purvis. That superlative Mr. Purvis. Truly a Super Lawyer.

Congratulations, David!

Michael Manely