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Tumultuous Times

by | Feb 21, 2016 | Family Law

It seems like everything is way out of kilter right now. The world does not seem safe, anywhere.

Hate fills our news, fills our streets, fills our nation.

That’s the thing about hate, it infects. It spreads. It fills every crack and crevice, every synapse and sinew. It crowds out everything else. Like a cancer, it overtakes all. Eventually, there is nothing left. Nothing but the hate remains.

When the hate is all there is, is it any wonder that bad things happen, everywhere?

When the sun can no longer shine, is it any wonder that darkness feels absolute?

When darkness feels absolute, is it any wonder that what was once horrific is now within the realm of the possible?

When darkness feels absolute, is it any wonder that no matter where you are, you still feel like you are nowhere?

Right now, this is how it feels. Right now, this may well be how it is.

But time passes. And the sun shall shine again. And its warm rays will bathe us once again.

And maybe, then, we can just sit. And maybe, then, we can just take it in.

And maybe, then, with sitting in the bright warmth and taking it all in, everything will fall back into kilter.

And maybe, then, all things will seem possible once more.

And maybe, then, they will be.

Hang in there.

Spring is coming (or so I tell myself).

Michael Manely