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Family Law: Hateful People

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Family Law

As the saying goes, “it takes all kinds.” There are happy people in family law. There are nonplussed people in family law. There are nonchalant people in family law. And yes, there are hateful people in family law.

You would expect a fair portion of the parties to be hateful. But this is not someone who is mad about something this is someone who is mad about everything. These parties don’t like anything or anyone. Nothing can satisfy them. They are the kind of people you feel immediately sorry for their spouse for having ever lived with them at all.

These people hold on. In some destructive manner they are still very attached to their spouse. These people don’t get “move on” at all. To them, stewing in their own juices is just a warm bath.

But parties aren’t the only players who can bring hate into the process. Attorneys can wreak havoc in a divorce with their own brand of hate, infecting every step of the way.

Most family law attorneys do not use hate. Most are focused problem solvers. Most realize that the emotional package they bring will impact the progress of the action. Most want their impact to be positive and constructive not negative and destructive.

But some attorneys are haters. It goes with the territory. Your heart cringes when you watch a hateful attorney charge into a divorce, looking to break the china and crystal, looking to dump some salt on still tender wounds.

But why?

Some are just plain unevolved. Their level of maturity hasn’t made it out of high school. They gravitated to family law because they find Jerry Springer so satisfying. These attorneys aren’t their client’s advocate. They are their client’s surrogate.

Some are performing for their hateful client. To them, there is no right or wrong, there is just the show. They aren’t their client’s counselor, they are their client’s mouthpiece.

Some are as cynical as they come. They realize that an angry, hateful client is motivated to keep up the war. And war costs. And war pays well. A protracted war pays the attorney very well for a long time.

Hateful attorneys are a fact of life. You gird up to weather the storm, but your heart cries out when you watch a hateful attorney obstruct a rational, economical path to resolving the couple’s divorce issues. To that sort of attorney, there is no joy in a mutual benefit.

The attorneys of The Manely Firm work every day to help evolve the practice to be more attentive, more sensitive to the needs of the parties and more evolved toward producing an efficient, economical and rational resolution to family disputes.

We work to weed out the hateful attorneys and help extract our clients from their relationships with their hateful spouses.

Hate. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Michael Manely

Michael Manely helps all of our clients with hateful spouse or hateful opposing counsel from our offices in Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Gainesville, Canton and Savannah.