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“I don’t do family law.”

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2015 | Family Law

Tonight’s post about a shocking revelation was written by our Savannah family law attorney, Professor David Purvis.

I was reading a transcript for one of the appellate cases we were retained on and came across this quote: “I don’t do family law.” The statement was made by our client’s trial attorney in a scheduling conference with the judge and opposing counsel (who does, by the way, “do family law”).

The judge had brought up the fact that the annual Family Law Institute was coming up and that it would mean that week would not be good for the trial. Trial counsel’s response was “I don’t do family law.” I suppose the judge rightfully assumed the lawyers in the room would be going to the Family Law Institute as it is literally the must do event in Georgia for all family law practitioners, three solid days of continuing legal education in the field of family law.

If you’re remotely familiar with the Firm, you know that we only practice family law. You have probably guessed that this trial which is now the subject of a potential appeal, is a family law case. It’s a divorce. It’s a divorce with literally millions of dollars on the line. And one of the two lawyers does not “do” family law.

Now trial counsel is a very good attorney. He is quite well-seasoned and well-respected in his practice area. I’ve read several transcripts as well as his pleadings. Technically, he had every ability to try that case with one exception: he doesn’t “do family law.” Why he decided to delve into this one with what was on the line in this case is beyond me.

One can be an extraordinary trial lawyer, but if you haven’t had the experience of working multiple family law cases to completion, with the myriad of ever-shifting family dynamics and judicial participation that such cases involve, then you don’t “do” family law and you should get out of the pool. Immediately.

We do family law. Don’t call us for criminal defense representation or for your car wreck case. We don’t take them. You will never read a transcript of an attorney at The Manely Firm, P.C. stating that they don’t do what ever practice area that case is about. We will be at the Family Law Institute next year and the year after that and the year after that. I will be teaching at the front of my family law class next spring. We live, eat, and breathe family law because, quite frankly, it’s a practice area that cannot be dabbled in.

If you are a brain surgeon, you shouldn’t open up someone’s heart. Odds are it won’t end well. Stick with what you know.

We do all family law. All around Georgia. All around the world.

And very proud of it.

David Purvis