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High Asset Divorce and Money Wise

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2014 | Divorce

There are a few relatively large family law firms in the State of Georgia.  To a one (except for us) those firms are exclusively interested in handling high asset divorces.  Why is that?  The thought goes that this is where the money is. Handle a high asset divorce and you can name your payday, you can charge what you want.  The rich don’t care, they have money to burn (and, apparently according to these firms, very little sense).

There are attorneys in these firms that charge $450 an hour, $500 an hour, even $700 an hour and they haven’t done much of anything that you can point to. Their accolades rely on little if any objective data on their quality in the court room.  

There are certainly people who pay those huge fees.  Its as if losing a couple hundred thousand on a divorce creates some bragging rights.  “My attorneys are Dewey, Screwem and Howe and I personally paid for Mr. Deweys’ new olympic pool.” 

To some extent, these firms that chew through a $20,000 retainer like it’s a pack of bubble gum, appear to be the only game in town for what can trully be complex litigation.  But not so.  

We are a large family law firm.  Our chief concern is that our bills make sense; they are justified; they are not fluff.  Our aim is that every cent spent on a case is a necessary expenditure.  We help many, many people of significant means, but these people have something very important in common.  They know the value of their money.  They have no interest in throwing it away.

We routinely charge one-half or less what the silk stocking firms charge and obtain successful results that put a smile on our client’s face.  

Why is that?  A divorce can certainly get out of hand.  It can feel like a bad tea with the Mad Hatter, but it doesn’t have to.  Family law should and does tend to make sense.  Even if the other side, represented by some “damn the torpedos” firm is doing its best to bring a tornado into the courtroom for the confusion created while pockets are being picked, it is quite possible to be the eye of that storm, calm, collected, centered, determined, resilient and purposeful. 

At The Manely Firm, we handle a significant number of high asset divorces.  But we handle them well, we handle them wisely, and we never lose sight of the fact that our job is to protect our client, and in part that means not robbing his bank.

At the Manely Firm, we don’t just cater to the rich; we cater to the wise.

Michael Manely