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Baseball and family law

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2013 | Family Law

“Baseball and family law,” is written by our newest attorney, Wesley Wilson, who principally practices in Gwinnett County in our Lawrenceville office.

I play baseball. Well, let me rephrase that, I played baseball. “Played” being the operative word, seeing as I have not picked up a ball in over four years and have not picked up a bat in over seven. I played college baseball at Georgia State University.  I spent most of the first three years honing my skills before I was lucky enough to move into real playing time in my last year with the team.

Though I spent many days watching from the sidelines in those first three years, I never lost confidence in my ability to perform on the field. This wasn’t blind confidence. I’d played baseball since I was 4 years old and after 18 years of doing something, you have a certain confidence that is always carried with you. Day in and day out of behind the scenes preparation, prepared me for the day that I finally got to perform on the big stage.

Now, I am an Attorney. There really is no other way to phrase that. You either practice law, or you don’t.

I love to compete, and the field of law has provided me with an avenue to fulfill the competitive desire that still burns within me every day.  But now I have a new playing field, a field that I am not yet absolutely familiar with. My days are consumed with family law, filled with consultations, document review, case negotiations, and preparations for trial, preparations for that great, new field.

I prepare myself in a way that puts me in a position to excel in the court room just as I once excelled on the ball field. I want to excel. I need to excel. When I walk into a courtroom, I need to be fully confident in myself, which in turn, allows my client to have full confidence in my ability to advocate on their behalf. I need to inspire the confidence of my clients just as I once inspired the confidence of my coach.

Everyday I am reminded of my days at Georgia State, and I think of how that time has prepared me for my career moving forward. I spent countless hours on the field, preparing myself for game situations, and now I spend countless hours in my office, preparing myself for the very real-world court room.

Has that same confidence that came so naturally on the baseball field transfered to the court room? It has at times, but it hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. It is taking that same hard work and dedication that led me to success on the baseball field. The Manely Firm has provided a tremendous atmosphere and support for me to hone my skills as an Attorney. As one of two Attorney’s located in our Lawrenceville office, I understand how important it is to have that level of confidence.

Gwinnett County is a great area, and having been a resident of Gwinnett for over 17 years now, it is a great honor to advocate on behalf of the people of Gwinnett. With the Attorneys on staff, and the diversity in the office, I truly believe that I can become a very confident, successful Attorney, and truly help the people of Gwinnett.

Wesley Wilson

(Wesley has already achieved much in the Court room.  I have no doubt that he will master this craft, too.  We are very lucky to have him in our ranks.  Michael Manely)