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Marietta Justice Cafe’ Now Open!

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2013 | Justice Cafe

We are extremely excited to announce that the Marietta Justice Cafe’ is now open for business.

Many of you have already read about the wonderful things happening in the Atlanta Justice Cafe’ which we only opened in January of this year. So many people in Cobb County from civic leaders to attorneys to judges to regular folk have asked us to open a Justice Cafe’ in Marietta. They don’t think it fair that Atlanta gets all the benefits of a Justice Cafe’.

The Justice Cafe’ is a brand new way of providing legal services to the Marietta community. It is called “Client Centered Advocacy” because rather than the attorney handling every aspect of a client’s issue and calling all the shots, the client decides what specific work the attorney will handle and what specific work the client will handle.  In this way the client completely controls the cost. Additionally, at the Cafe’, the attorneys only charge $75 an hour.

The Justice Cafe’ attorneys are well qualified, well educated, attorneys who charge only $75 an hour! Further, they have additional attorney resources available to them to help resolve any peculiar or particularly complex issues and that cost is not passed along to the client, it is a part of the $75 per hour. Where else can someone obtain the resources of the only family law firm in the world to have argued and won a unanimous decision before the United States’ Supreme Court for only $75 an hour.  (“Nowhere” is the correct answer.)

One question we’ve been asked in Atlanta is, “Is this too good to be true?”  No. While it is very good, it is also very true. The Manely Firm, P.C. is making a very intentional effort to fix the broken model of the delivery of legal services that presently plagues our profession.

The Judiciary is the third branch of our democratic government.  Right now, 60 – 80% of the public are having to handle legal matters on their own without an attorney.  They are going to court without the benefit of counsel.  They are attempting to negotiate their financial circumstance without the benefit of counsel. This means that our citizen democracy is in peril because a majority of the public do not have adequate access to their third branch of government. This is not justice.  This is no justice at all.

This is a travesty and a tragedy!  This must end.

And so, The Justice Cafe’ is born and now is spreading to Marietta to offer exceptionally reasonably priced legal services to everyone. It is “Justice for all” put into practice. Our Marietta divorce lawyers are ready to serve you.

The traditional family law practice of The Manely Firm, P.C. continues unabated, providing exceptional quality, moderate cost family law services throughout metropolitan Atlanta, all around Georgia and all around the World.  But the Justice Cafe’ allows us to take our mission much, much deeper to enable access to justice on a level not seen in decades.

The Justice Cafe, Marietta is open at 211 Roswell St. in Marietta. The light is definitely on for you!

Access to Justice, anyone?

Michael Manely