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Divorce: Till Death Do You Part

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2015 | Divorce

She had enough of him.  She told him she wanted a divorce.

It wasn’t that he ran around or drank or gambled.  Maybe if he did any of that he might be more interesting. But the problem was that he was just boring. He wasn’t anything like the guys at the bar, so exciting, so full of life, so sexy. And so she told him. He didn’t compare to them at all. And so she told him. Even in bed he was second rate, make that third rate. And so she told him.

So, good to her word, she moved out. So, good to her word, he now lived alone. Totally alone.

Weeks passed. Every now and then she answered the phone. He begged her back. She taunted him, ridiculed him, rejected him.

A month passed and he was served with the divorce papers. And still he lived all alone. His parents couldn’t comfort him.  His sister couldn’t comfort him. Even his dogs couldn’t comfort him.

One night, lying in bed, his divorce papers by his side, he lifted his nickle plated 45 from his lap and tasted its cold metal. We’ll never know his last thought.

No one looked for him for days. It took about a week before anyone broke down the door.

In the end, she attended his funeral, played the grieving widow well. She filed the papers to probate his estate. She even eventually moved back into their house.

In the end, she returned to him.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Look after the ones you love.

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