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Family Law: It’s All About Equality

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2015 | Family Law

This was some week, wasn’t it? First, we saw the ACA “ObamaCare” survive Supreme Court challenge, next we witnessed that same Supreme Court finally grant homosexuals equal status with heterosexuals and last, we saw a partial sea change in race relations from removal of the Southern flag of oppression to our President letting the Spirit move him and singing it like it is. And, to me, every last bit of it is family law.

To me, family law is about equality. Lord knows, what goes on behind closed doors is sometimes extremely loving and sometimes downright hateful. I like leveling out the playing field.

The world works best when in balance. And the same is true for society and families. To the extent that one class of citizens (those with health insurance) have security that the other class cannot hope to grasp, both classes are harmed. To the extent that one race lords it over another, both races are harmed.  To the extent one spouse rules the roost, both spouses are harmed.

So this week was like a gigantic seismic shift that eased the friction, that greased the skids, that moved us a long ways down the road of progress, happiness and peace.

To me, that is a good week.

I can scarcely be more proud of my country, of our people and of our process than I am this week.  This is a week where most of it worked.

The net result? Health security is living large.  Our fellow citizens are less likely to die just because of their socio-economic status.  Health care is a right, not a priviledge.

The elephant in the room (that black and white people still have a hard time talking with each other about race relations even though we know we are stonger as a people when we all work together) is right now about as out there as it can get.  We should seize this moment and have the most forthright dialogue in the board room, around the breakfast table and on the street that we can possibly have.  We need to identify the vestiges of discrimination and eradicate them like we would any other vermin.

And finally, Jack and Jill aren’t the only couple that can tie the knot any more. John Lennon sang, “All you need is love.” Well, love got another shot this week to see just how far that goes. I’m guessing that is up to us to prove that point.

One thing I know for sure, lightening our brother’s load lightens our own.

Be free my brothers.  Be free.

Michael Manely