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Blessed Are The Peacemakers of Family Law

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2014 | Family Law

I had the weekend off from family law for a change.  We were in North Carolina visiting one of our sons, his girl friend and our grand daughter.  They took us to this very pleasant little town where they are thinking about settling down after graduation.  In a local shop there, I noticed a large framed print of a vine of tiny white flowers encircling a saying I had read a million times but, for some reason, had never read it quite this way before.

“Blessed Are The Peacemakers.”

Maybe it was the crisp mountain air, maybe it was the way the sun was wafting through the store windows, maybe it was carrying my grand daughter in my arms, but I recognized that familiar phrase 5:9 as expressing the central tenant of our Firm’s philosophy in family law.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers.

That says it all.  That’s who we are are first, foremost and always

We start from the position of peace.  We seek the common good. We identify and pursue the win/win strategy that leaves everyone better than when they first came to us.

Even when we are seemingly embroiled with an adversary, opposing counsel or opposing party that thinks peace and family law are mutually exclusive, we are still seeking, still fighting for, still finding the good.  We are still single mindedly advancing the family’s cause, creating the whole that empowers the future, rather than enflaming the splinters to keep the parties mired in the past.

We have many ways that we express our core philosophy.  Our logo is a family crossing over a bridge.  Bridges are a critical metaphor for our practice.  We build bridges.  We don’t burn them.  We help our clients in divorce find a new way to cross that edifice, that chasm that has been created and expanded between themselves and their soon-to-be former spouses.

We seek to help our clients in their growth, not imprison them in a tumultuous past.

You see this philosophy in our Firm’s constant mindfulness of “no drama.”  There is enough inherent drama in the world without all of us adding to that toxic mix. Drama is often manufactured for mindless entertainment and little else.  How else can you explain Judge Judy or much of the news?

That one phrase, though, encapsulates it all.  It sums it up.  It identifies our Firm like no other.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers.

I’d say we feel blessed.

Michael Manely