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Savannah and The Manely Firm, Why I Signed Up

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Savannah

Tonight’s post about why he joined our Family Law practice is written by our new manager of the Savannah operations, David Purvis.

I felt the best way to start my contribution to this blog was to talk about some of the reasons why I chose The Manely Firm. The reasons for joining the firm are simply two concepts that are central to this law firm and my own personal life: Family and Team.


One of the most important factors in my decision to join The Manely Firm was their approach to family law and the practice of law in general. We are a family law firm in every sense of the word. The Manely Firm is a family-run business in the business of family law. That sense of family permeates what we do, day in and day out. A focus in every case is to get the best result for our client in the most affordable way possible for our client. It is important that our clients feel like they have achieved their goals in the case AND can afford to continue their lives. We help people restructure their families and strive to leave our clients in a financial and emotional position to carry on after the case is over.

A phrase commonly used in our offices is “the new family unit”. The reality is that not all marriages will last, but we have found that rather than approaching a divorce as the destruction of a family, everyone comes out better when the focus is on developing new family units and how families will continue once the dust settles and the lawyers are gone.


I joined The Manely Firm after managing my own practice here in Savannah. While being one’s own boss is rewarding in many ways, I missed being a part of a larger purpose at work. I have always thrived when I have been a part of a team, whether that was in sports, school band, or work. It allows me to learn and succeed at a quicker rate and, when the opportunities present themselves, to help others learn and succeed at a quicker rate.

I already knew several members of the Manely team prior to joining the firm and hold each of them in highest regard. When I got the opportunity to join them on this team, I jumped on it. Great things can be accomplished with the support of a team and we have a truly wonderful and vastly experienced team here at our clients’ disposal.

We have a beautiful office in the heart of downtown Savannah. We welcome all to come and visit our team, our family!

David Purvis