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Summer winds down

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Personal Interest

It’s still summer but it’s almost over.

You can feel the season winding down now.  The clock seems to slow to savor each last moment.  People move at a reduced pace.  Even the wind takes its time rustling the leaves.

Time out.  One last respite.  One last nap in the afternoon before the whistle of school and work calls us all back to reality in our City too Busy to Hate or just our City too busy.

Birds feels it.  Dogs feel it.  Families feel it.  Time to chill, just set a spell, front porch, back porch, rocking chair, porch swing makes no never mind but calls to you all the same.  Here’s your place right now.  Take a load off.  You’ll pick up that load again soon enough.

Soon enough the machine will crank up again, grinding out schedules, duties, errands, chores, todo lists, meetings, deadlines.  Soon enough there won’t be enough time in the day.  Work will start too early and end too late.  School clothes and book bags will be hurridly shorn as cleats and gear take their place in the back of the car as it shuttles on to the next practice, game, event, whatever.

Soon enough old injuries will be made new again, fresh again, wounds re-opened from re-engagement.  Soon enough edges will be made raw and old reasons will surface with a vengeance.  Soon enough, a crisp wind will blow and the change in season will prompt, encourage, justify a change in life.

So here’s to the last few weeks of summer that we’re all immersed in.  Here’s to those fleeting, lethargic moments remaining when we can pretend that time stands still and nothing matters so much as the last bite of that ice cream cone.

At least today it does.

Tomorrow is another story.

Michael Manely