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On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2012 | Family Law

We handle many family law cases each month.  We are fortunate to have hundreds of families entrust their family law issues to us every year.  Most of our cases are rather straightforward (from the global perspective of the standardization implicitly imposed by the judiciary because of the thousands of cases heard by Superior Court judges each year).  This makes The Firm’s efforts extremely effective and relatively affordable.

However, in the high volume of work that we manage, we have a significant assortment of unusual, cutting edge issues that keep us at the fore of family law. For example: the keen distinction between the tactical advantages of differing judicial forums; the in the trenches immediacy with a family literally in the throes of a life and death crisis; the strategic decision of venue choice, should the defendant be fool enough to “keeping his options open;”; the Alice in Wonderland situation of asserting when an Order is no longer an Order because, like the Cheshire Cat, it has vanished into thin air; and, the ever shifting paradigms, standards and processes of differing international courts and customs.  And that’s just in this past month!

If this stuff sounds kind of out there, it is.  It requires us to stay on our toes. We, the attorneys of the firm, are called to it.  Whenever unusual issues arise we have a lively and enlivening round table, bouncing around options, dashing off research, positing competing strategies, and always arguing the devil’s advocate’s position.

These are ennobling afternoons, spread out across the miles between our several offices.  John will fire off a salvo from Lawrenceville.  Nicole will shoot back from Atlanta.  Jeremy will bring it all home from Marietta or Canton.  And I’ll argue to the contrary from wherever I’m practicing that day.

I feel for our opposing counsel who are quite often on their own, trying to manage the demand for their time against the demand for their revenues with resources that only a solo practitioner can generate.  And they have to face us. The Manely Firm has such an advantage with the exceptional talent and high energy of our attorneys, with our dizzying array of bright and devoted paralegals, and with the breadth and depth of our administrative team who manage us all so well.

We are privileged to help many, many people, thoroughly and effectively and we are blessed with the ability to treat the most cutting edge of family law issues with a finesse which is both unrivaled and incomparable.

We handle it all, from the Alpha to the Omega, from the issue less to the issue laden.  And it’s all family law.

Can you tell that I like working here?

Michael Manely