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On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2012 | Affordability

We are conducting our year end analysis of all things that can be analyzed. It is how we constantly improve our efficient delivery of affordable legal services, at least as much as one can when, on occasion, a well paid adversary is using his best efforts to muck up your efficiency and thwart your affordability.

One of our year end studies involves an assessment of our sources of business, determining where our clients come from.  I’m pleased to report that we had 133 word of mouth referrals last year.  Of course, most of those come from brothers and sisters in the Bar who admire the work we do and from former clients who greatly appreciate our efforts and are still enjoying our successes on their behalf, but an oft repeated source of referrals come from an unlikely source: former opposing parties.  I consider a referral from a former opposing party high praise indeed.

Frequent readers of this blog well know our firm’s over-arching philosophy of preserving families.  Divorce, contempt and modification are short term passages. They have a relatively quick end. Families carry on long after the litigation is over. A quality family law firm, our family law firm, remains ever aware of this truth and seeks resolution of the issues as expeditiously, efficiently, economically and as peacefully as possible.  

Of course there are situations in which the other side won’t listen to reason and needs to be dealt with more firmly than would be optimum, and there are situations in which unscrupulous opposing counsels don’t see family law as an calling to do good for families but as an opportunity to gin up a big fee, but most cases, most situations, respond well to family centered solutions that preserve the family’s assets for what matters most, the family.

I had one such referral today.  I thought about this family just yesterday, maybe something was in the air, and I wondered how they were doing.  My client and the opposing party were good people who were just going through a tough time. It warmed my heart to learn that the opposing party thought a lot of our work, enough to refer her friend.  She knows that we will take good care of him to see that he gets the right result without the armageddon that can come with a family law suit.

I love the work that we do.  And while I don’t plan to leave the practice any time soon, I want to leave our holistic approach to family law as our lasting legacy. I would like to see the affordable, family centered approach become the overwhelming norm in family law.

And I would like to thank the kind hearted lady who suggested that her friend give us a call.

Michael Manely

The Manely Firm, P.C.