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Lawrenceville’s Boo-Fest

On October 28, 2002 from 7:00 p.m. – 10 p.m. the City of Lawrenceville had hosted a wonderful event, Boo Fest 2022, at the Lawrenceville Lawn that attracted thousands of people from various Gwinnett County communities. It was amazing to see a diverse crowd to come together and enjoy live music, aerial silk beautiful  performances, dancing, drinks, and trick or treating. BooFest Treat Trail  was made possible by  local businesses, agencies  and community members  volunteering to decorate  beautiful Halloween  booths around the Lawrenceville Lawn  and handing out  delicious treats and various goodies.

The Manely Firm, P.C. had a pleasure of sponsoring the BooFest  event for a second year in a  row and organized and decorated  the Manely Firm. P.C. booth.  We handed out more than 3000 candies and other goodies to the kids and adults of the Gwinnett County community.  The Manely Firm team had a fabulous time dressing up and giving out treats as well as seeing all the Boo-tiful Halloween costumes including  DIY costumes. A little baby peacock and a group of Marvel superheroes stole our hearts.  The BooFest attendees also enjoyed food from the food trucks and refreshments  until 10:00 p.m.

Last year’s Boo Fest attendance  was recorded at around two thousand people, but this year’s  attendance almost doubled.  Everybody had a great time and all the kids got plenty of candies! I hope you and your families had a happy and safe time on Halloween! Looking forward to seeing you next year!

Dina Khismatulina