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You’re Not Alone

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Divorce, Families, Relationships

Tonight’s post is courtesy of Billy King, Sr. Paralegal.

For many, walking into our law firm seeking representations can be a scary ordeal and raise a lot of questions.

  • What kind of person will I talk to?
  • Will they care about my situation?
  • Will they care about my children? 

The simple answer is “yes.” But there’s more to it than just that.

We may sit across the desk from you, with huge books on the shelves and degrees and certificates papering the walls, but in reality we sit right next to you. Sometimes, we sit in your very own shoes.

Many of us have personally experienced what you are going through. Though it might appear that we are just doing our job – drafting a document, preparing for trial, asking painful question after painful question – it is much more than that.

Because we understand where you are, because many of us have been there, we often lay in bed at night staring at the ceiling thinking about what we can do to ease your pain and make this process less of a burden on you.

This is true in every case we take on.

We know that your case doesn’t end when the judge issues a final order, or you sign that settlement agreement. You have to build a new life or develop a new relationship. You have to re-define your family.

Things may be changing but you are not alone. We shoulder the weight of the world with you. Often, our goal is to ensure you don’t trudge out of our office with a hole in your heart, but rather that you march out with your head held high ready to embark on the new journey embracing what lies ahead.

Families and emotions are fragile and it is difficult to entrust both with someone. For us, family law isn’t just a job, it is our calling.