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On Behalf of | May 28, 2013 | Affordability

As our nation comes further out of the recession, I’m watching the discussion of affordability in divorce drop farther and farther into the background, away from polite conversation.  But now that money may be somewhat more available for working families, this issue must remain front and center in our considerations or else cost consciousness will have been no more than a marketing strategy and affordability just a sales pitch.

Some cases are complex and difficult.  Sometimes that is caused by the opposing party, sometimes by the opposing counsel and sometimes by the facts themselves. Those cases take some time, considerable effort, great creativity and necessarily incur some cost. The Manely Firm obviously has the unique ability to handle those cases.

But those are not most cases.  Most cases are pretty straightforward.  So long as you have a firm that knows what it is doing, knows how to get your objectives accomplished, has a multi-level team in place to keep your costs driven down to the lowest level possible and has a committment to keeping your divorce affordable, you should do well. Of course, there are few firms who are structured with this goal in mind and fewer still who make this work the cornerstone of their practice.  At The Manely Firm, we start and end with affordability.

Ask any of our attorneys or paralegals and they will tell you that we are quite driven by making your case affordable.  There should be no fluff, no busy work performed on your case; there should be luxury on your back and none on your dime.

In our 24 year history, we have made great strides in changing the tone of divorce practice from scorched earth to one approaching holism.  Now we are pushing the edge of the affordability envelope by creating and maintaining an effective, quality, and affordable divorce practice.

There is neither work too complex nor too straightforward for our exceptional attorneys and paralegals. From Marietta to Atlanta, from Lawrenceville to Savannah and all parts in between, let us help you successfuly navigate this trying time while also leaving most of your family assets intact.

Michael Manely