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Families is families

On Behalf of | May 10, 2012 | Families

Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced that he supported same sex marriage.  Not domestic partner benefits.  Not civil unions.  But same sex marriage. The full monty, if you will.  He allowed that homosexuals shouldn’t be denied the right to create families any more so than heterosexuals.

As Shep Smith of no less than Fox (News) said, President Obama was now in the 21st Century.  I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with a commentator on Fox (News).

In Muppets Take Manhattan, a character named Manhattan Pete keeps explaining that “peoples is peoples,” to explain the universality of humanity.  I want to extend that sentiment a bit into the same sex marriage arena: Families is families. 

Our government has no business legislating such matters.  We don’t need a nanny state. The Land of the Free should not support or endorse denying freedom.   

I’m quite pleased that the President of the United States has joined the 21st Century on this issue and, by announcing his position, has moved us all a little farther into this century.  The outcome of this issue is inevitable.  Just like Loving v Virginia finally outlawed all anti-miscegenation laws which prohibited the intermarrying of the races, some not too distant Supreme Court case will outlaw all the discriminatory statutes that impose governmental will on peoples rights to marry, on their right to create a family.

Good for you, Mr. President.  

Now can we get honest about Global Warming?  Because, while families is families, every family fares much better in an inhabitable environment.

Michael Manely