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On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2011 | Uncategorized

It is a busy, busy time at the firm.  Everyone at the firm is working hard, helping real people with real family law issues in all of our courts, before all of our judges. I couldn’t be more proud of the work that we do.

Just a few highlights from the scores of great results:

In Cobb County, Attorney Nicole Elder was able to protect a family’s two children from a mother who was providing them a terrible, terrible disservice.

In Dekalb County, Attorney Jeremy Abernathy has been asked by a Superior Court Judge to serve as a Guardian ad Litem to investigate a matter and provide a report and opinion to the Judge.

In Clayton County, Attorney John Smith successfully protected a child from returning to his mother’s unstable home.

These attorneys are doing wonderful things for the families we represent.  I am proud and honored to work with attorneys of such fine caliber.

Personally, I’ve recently finished another Hague Convention trial, this time in Huntsville, Alabama. I’ll write a much longer post about that trial in a few days, but suffice it to say that though the work may be international, the opposing counsels can be no less disingenuous or the judges any less provincial, sometimes in very interesting ways.  Unless everyone is an adult in the room, practicing family law at any level can seem like a complicated plot out of Shakespeare or a laundry soap with bad villains at every turn.  Bottom line, you’ve got to watch your back.

Even with all the great work, our families allow us to do and all the great family time I’ve enjoyed these past several weeks (constructing a castle with my nine year old for a school project and constructing a haunted forest, Halloween related, of course), I miss writing the blog.  I do intend to return to this blog on a regular basis, as I did all through last year and earlier this year on the previous site.  I’ve much to relate.  

Hold me to it.

Michael Manely