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Family Law, Make the Right Choice.

Here's the scenario: you are facing a family law case, maybe a divorce or modification or contempt. Maybe you are planning to file it.  Maybe you are facing one filed against you.  Now comes the daunting task of choosing a lawyer. There are hundreds out there.  How do you choose the right lawyer and firm?

Family law, contingency style.

There is a relatively new development in my field of practice, family law.  With the Great Recession, many family law firms closed.  The money to pay attorneys shrunk so fewer attorneys survived. As a result, we now have a new breed of family law attorney, the contingency lawyer.

All Family Law vs Desperation Law

Once upon a time, there was a lawyer who had a little office in the heart of town. Many of the town's residents brought all their legal issues to him.  He tried to help them all, no matter what kind of legal problems they had, from family law to business law.  This attorney from the days of yore had what is called a "general practice".  He specialized in nothing, but then he didn't need to because he was just about the only attorney in town.  What he knew was good enough.

The Cutting Edge of Family Law

We handle many family law cases each month.  We are fortunate to have hundreds of families entrust their family law issues to us every year.  Most of our cases are rather straightforward (from the global perspective of the standardization implicitly imposed by the judiciary because of the thousands of cases heard by Superior Court judges each year).  This makes The Firm's efforts extremely effective and relatively affordable.