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3 Tips for Settling Your Family Law Matter Through Mediation


Video Transcript

Hi, Today, we’re here to talk about mediation, so let’s dive into it.

Mediations and divorce and custody cases are attempts to help couples and parents settle contested issues and reach a final agreement. Mediation utilizes the services of a neutral third party—the mediator— who is responsible for facilitating and encouraging open communication and problem-solving between the parties. Mediations have proven to be beneficial to couples and parents.

Some of the benefits of mediation are that they are less expensive than proceeding to a costly trial. Mediation has also proven to be a faster process. Many contested divorce or custody cases can take a year or more to be fully resolved. Oftentimes, cases can get delayed when trying to schedule a court date and getting two attorneys and the court all on one accord.

Another benefit of mediation is that the parties get to make the decisions when it comes to their families and how they will move forward after the divorce. That gives the parties control over their own lives. It is often difficult to predict how a judge will rule on a particular issue in trial. They’re typically is not a winner or a loser when it comes to a trial. However, both parties having a say in settling all the issues of their divorce or custody case in a mediation means that both parties win.

Mediation is confidential. Neutral mediators cannot be subpoenaed to court and anything said during mediation cannot later be used in court. Imagine how freeing it is and how smoother negotiations can go if you know that anything that you say cannot later be thrown in your face.

And most importantly, mediation provides peace for the children. Messy trials benefit no one and tends to make co-parenting more difficult. If parents are able to resolve their issues without a trial, that likely means that they are able to work together and co-parent effectively. Let The Manely Firm help you in your domestic mediation.