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Using Mediation To Help Georgia Families Resolve Legal Matters

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, where couples talk amongst each other to resolve their divorce case rather than settling it in court. It offers couples and families a chance to cooperate in making the best decisions possible for their unique situation. Mediation can be used in divorce cases, as well as determining child custody terms, visitation rights, establishing paternity, and spousal support as well

If you would like to learn more about how mediating your divorce might help you, please contact The Manely Firm, P.C. today. Our skilled family law attorneys have a wide breadth of experience in all matters relating to family law.

Is Mediation Right For Your Family?

Mediation is meant to bring about a peaceful resolution to your case. Particularly in divorce, where there may be many arguments and contentious points to bring up, some couples often go through a rocky period where all of the decision-making is skewed by passion and resentment.

Mediation can help with calming down some of the emotional aspects, while allowing each spouse the opportunity to speak their mind.

Mediation is useful to work out the following matters:

Especially when disputed matters involved children or substantial assets, you and your spouse can benefit from a relaxed environment that is much less stiff and formal than the courtroom and is must less costly. All of your conversations will remain confidential, as the matters will not be discussed before a judge or stay on record.

You may wish to consider seeking advice first from our divorce lawyers. We can prepare your case for mediation by informing you of your rights and keeping you informed about what the future might hold.

The Role Of The Mediator

A mediator is a third party individual, whose role is to remain completely neutral about the situation. They can only guide and help you settle matters on your own terms.

It is still in your best interests to hire an attorney to assist you as well. Your spouse may have retained one or might be more aggressive than you and try to bully you into agreeing something that you do not want. Your attorney can not only protect you, but ensure that the terms are as fair as possible.

Let Us Resolve Your Family Matter Through Mediation

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