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Helping You Provide Full Financial Disclosure During Your Divorce

In divorce proceedings, each spouse is expected to provide full financial disclosure of his or her assets. This is called a financial affidavit. This form provides a comprehensive history of the spouse’s finances and current family situation, allowing the judge to make a thorough assessment of each spouse’s funds, for matters such as spousal support or child support.

Because this legal process can be rather confusing, it is advised that you seek assistance from a knowledgeable family law attorney in the Atlanta metro. The Manely Firm, P.C., is known for creating practical and effective legal solutions for those with significant and complex assets.

How Financial Affidavits Impact A Divorce

The process of filling out a financial affidavit is long, and the inquiries can be rather exhaustive. Some of the sections will require very exact information and calculation of your expenses, assets, and an account of every source of your income. However, this procedure is useful in determining important family law matters.

These may include:

The law requires each spouse to be completely honest about their finances when filling out the affidavits. This information is all the courts have to calculate the payment amounts. Keep in mind, you will also be required to provide testimony and be sworn under oath.

If the courts discover that you have lied on your affidavit, they have the right to sanction you and even charge you with lying under oath, or perjury. You can avoid any mishaps with your affidavit by consulting first with a trusted and experienced family lawyer at The Manely Firm, P.C.

Smart And Reliable Legal Representation

At The Manely Law Firm, P.C., our lawyers are known for providing only the sharpest and most insightful legal counsel. This is important so that you stay one step ahead and avoid any critical mistakes that can jeopardize your divorce case.

We will always put your needs first and foremost because you are an actual person in need, not just another case file to us. Your life is at the heart of every matter.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

If you have questions concerning financial affidavits or other inquiries about a family law matter, we encourage you to reach out to one of the highly accomplished family law attorneys at The Manely Firm, P.C.

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