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Seeking Protection From Abuse And Family Violence

For families victimized by domestic violence or family violence in the home, temporary protective orders (TPO) can be filed to provide protection. A TPO will force the abuser to maintain a certain distance or cease all contact with you, your children, and others living in the home. All families have the right to seek protection from the court for domestic violence.

What Are The First Steps?

If you are the one petitioning the courts, you will need to show that the abuser is threatening the livelihood and safety of you and your children. The abuser may be causing immediate and irreparable harm to you and your family. Abusers can take any form — other relatives, a family friend living in the home, and even a current spouse are some examples. You do not need to be married to file TPO.

These are the steps to issuing a TPO:

  • There is recent or a history of family violence
  • The petitioner has filed for the TPO formally with the courts
  • The petitioner has spoken with the judge
  • The paperwork is filed with the clerk’s office
  • A sheriff or court process server will serve the defendant the order
  • The defendant can be held in contempt of court for refusing to comply

Before beginning, we urge you to consult first with a family lawyer to ensure that all of the steps are taken care of promptly. Whenever you are dealing with the courts, there are very strict deadlines that you have to follow.

The Manely Firm, P.C. can assist you by staying on top of those deadlines and ensure that your case is given due consideration.

Need long-term protection? Our attorneys can help you secure more permanent orders of protection in Georgia.

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