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A Private Way To Resolve Your Family’s High-Stakes Legal Matters

Personal legal issues like divorce and other related family law matters can quickly become public knowledge, especially for high-profile families. Legal battles are stressful enough without the added weight of public opinion and discourse. For many, arbitration, or private litigation, is a helpful option that gives families the opportunity for a private means of resolving disputes.

At The Manely Firm, P.C., we offer arbitration in private courtrooms throughout the state of Georgia. From our offices in Marietta, Lawrenceville, Atlanta and Savannah, we guide families through their toughest times. We leverage our 30+ years of experience to resolve differences quietly, privately and efficiently.

Confidential And Beneficial For All Involved Parties

In a divorce, private litigation involves the divorcing spouses, their legal counsel and a retired judge who oversees the process as the arbitrator. All involved parties discuss the contested issues to ultimately arrive at a resolution. The divorcing spouses agree ahead of time to be bound to the decision made by the arbitrator.

Divorcing spouses may have contested issues that require a more formal setting and procedure than negotiations or mediation, yet the testimony and documents from a divorce trial could become public spectacles. In these cases, arbitration, or private litigation, can provide a much-needed alternative option. Benefits include:

  • Privacy. Many components of these proceedings remain confidential.
  • Efficiency. Arbitration can yield quicker results, unlike the potential years spent in trial.
  • More control. Both parties can have a say in the selection of the arbitrator.

The public nature of a divorce trial affects nearly every aspect of life, especially when children are involved. By coming to a resolution in a private courtroom, arbitration can provide divorcing parties with a more confidential and comfortable setting when addressing such sensitive matters.

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