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Addressing Parental Kidnapping Around Georgia And The World

Parental kidnapping is just that. A parent seizes the child and runs, depriving the parent of their custodial rights.

The first thing to know is that it rarely is a successful strategy. We have never lost a child to parental kidnapping, not within the United States nor internationally. It is almost impossible to successfully hide when a fugitive runs on their own. It is much harder to run with a child.

A parent who kidnaps a child almost certainly will lose that child when they are caught. If they are permitted to see that child again, it will be under tightly supervised circumstances.

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At The Manely Firm, P.C., our family lawyers have extensive experience working with parents all over Georgia and the world who are fighting for the return of their child after their spouse has fled to another state or country.

We know the ins and outs of family law because many of our attorneys exclusively practice this area of law. We have experience working with domestic jurisdictions as well as international jurisdictions to help left-behind parents get reunited with their children. We can even assist other counsel with parental kidnapping cases, helping enforce the Hague Convention and the parental rights laid out in a custody order.

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