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Helping You Establish Paternity To Resolve Disputes

The main purpose of the paternity and legitimation statutes in Georgia is to establish the relationship of fathers to children born outside of marriage. At The Manely Firm, P.C., in the Atlanta Metro, we represent mothers and fathers in these proceedings, taking a common-sense approach that looks out for the best interests of the children and parents.

Helping You Establish The Paternity Of Your Child

Over the course of two decades, our family lawyers have been helping our clients establish child support, custody and visitation through legal actions involving:

  • Paternity: These actions are usually brought by mothers. In Georgia, paternity actions are required before a father can be required to pay child support. Before the court makes a paternity ruling, a DNA test may be required.
  • Legitimation: Legitimation actions are usually brought by fathers to help establish fathers rights to time with their children. These fathers want to legitimate their children, gain the status of legal parent and have the ability to ask for child custody or visitation rights.

When you consult with The Manely Firm, P.C., you will speak with one of our experienced family law lawyers about your circumstances and your goals.

Whether you are a mother looking to establish paternity so that you may seek child support, or you are a father who is seeking aggressive legal representation in defending your fathers rights, we can help you.

We realize that legal issues involving children are often the most emotional and challenging types of matters to amicably resolve. We will strive to make your paternity or legitimization actions as timely and cost-effective as possible..

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