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Seeking A Restraining Order In Georgia

Domestic violence and abuse are both terrible events that nobody should ever have to go through. We here at The Manely Firm, P.C., know that we can’t necessarily prevent domestic violence from happening, but we can offer you help in obtaining protection from the legal system when you or your loved ones suffer from domestic violence by obtaining a restraining order.

In essence, a restraining order is a document obtained from a family law judge which orders one individual to cease their actions against the protected party.

A restraining order can order someone to:.

  • Stay a certain distance away from them
  • Stop contacting them or their children
  • Force them to move out of the marital home
  • Turn over some important or valuable property

We Will Work Quickly To Ensure Your Protection

Seeking safety from an abusive spouse or partner can be extremely difficult and even frightening. For this reason, we at The Manely Firm, P.C., understand the importance of moving quickly to help you obtain the protection you need from those who would wish to do you harm.

Our Georgia family law attorneys are dedicated to your success, and can provide you with knowledgeable and experienced representation to help you face and resolve your family law issues with confidence. We know how important it is to provide those who are dealing with domestic violence with a powerful ally, and we are proud to stand by the side of victims through every step of the process and help them seek the better life they deserve.

If you need help with a restraining order, call The Manely Firm, P.C. today at 866-687-8561 for a consultation.

Types Of Restraining Orders

The state of Georgia recognizes two types of restraining orders: Temporary Ex Parte Orders (TRO) and Family Violence Protection Orders. Temporary Ex Parte orders are designed to be obtained quickly but also end quickly—they expire within 30 days or at your next court hearing.

Family Violence Protection Orders are more permanent in nature. It takes a longer process to obtain one of these orders, but that’s because they are generally far more binding. Obtaining one requires a court hearing in which both parties are able to tell their side of the story and a judge deliberates whether or not the order is warranted. These orders can last for up to a year at first award, but can also be extended to last up to a total of three years.

Violating A Restraining Order

Should someone willfully violate the terms of a restraining order, they could be held in contempt of court, which is a criminal offense. Egregious violations of the terms of a restraining order could also be considered a misdemeanor criminal offense, which can lead to up to a year in jail and large fines. “Aggravated stalking” charges could be considered a felony criminal charge, leading to even more serious penalties.

Put The Protection Protect Your Family With Our Help

Do you need assistance obtaining protection from an abusive partner or family member? Contact an attorney from The Manely Firm, P.C. We can help you put the law on your side when family violence is a reality in your life.

To schedule an initial consultation, call 866-687-8561 or contact us online. Appointments with attorneys are available at any of our Georgia offices in Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville and Savannah.